Who am I?

Luke Anthony Firth, an Industrial Designer based in the UK. My drive is to see products that I have worked on out there in the world. My skill base has been developed through my academic career as well as my experience working with both small high end companies to global corporations. My approach to design involves first building a strong research base collectingall relevant factors, their interactions and the impacts they have on the final output before using these findings as seed points to guide ideation..

Whats My Style?

My idea of style comes from a mixture of the luxury of old; button back leather chesterfields, wing backs and dark wood with the clean cut of the new; minimalist geometric forms, chrome and tech. In terms of design, a product needs to do two things to be noteworthy. One of which is to be desired, adored and oh so awkward enough in just the right ways to make you love it. The other is to work with minimal thought in the context in which you need it. There should be an effortless flow where you know without doubt that whatever it is that you're doing, you're doing it right.