Ekho Speaker Rebuild

The physical ageing of an older sound system often does not comes hand in hand with technological deterioration, as was the case with my Philips 5.1 surround sound, giving me the opportunity to instigate a rebuild. Starting with the typical look of black and plastic silver, this project has allowed me to put my personal style  into practice with focus on acoustic and aesthetic qualities alone. The resulting early renders were picked up on by popular design blogs and received a number of interested parties in purchasing the completed set.

"The ECHO SS5.1SL1 reconciles the use of ‘traditional’ luxury materials with modern styling for a premium system that’s at the top of the line in both aesthetic and audio quality. The British design student was diligent from a materials standpoint, combining premium leathers, brass hardware, and a sleek polypropylene weave that reminds us aesthetically of carbon fibre to fit seamlessly into the user’s intended space."

- The Cosby Press


Based on the specifications of the original product, this 3 day "after work" exercise explored the concept of adding value through form and material choices. A classical style was adopted and the visual interest was derived mostly through the use of high quality materials rather than cosmetic flourishes. Upholstered in a similar minimalist fashion to executive vehicles, the Ekho (named for the oread in love with her own voice in Greek mythology) could be upholstered in a large variety of fabrics once the two required patterns are created.

Satellite Speakers

Loosely inspired by the physical form of a jet engine and its cradle in construction. The Ekho satellite speakers strip away a deal of dead space and loose connections to house the speaker itself far more fittingly.

Sub Woofer

Again the plastic extra parts have been removed and stripped back to the wooden construction beneath. Edges were hand rounded to evoke a softer feel and once upholstered a simple polished brass ring with matched thread replaces the large silver plastic retainers for visual interest.

This home project is still ongoing, but has already been featured on popular design blogs such as: