Marco Pool & Dining Table

This is the project that made me change my mind from wanting to do forensic Psychology to doing product design. The brief was pretty simple and by simple I mean it was pretty much:


'Design and build a unique item of furniture'


So I wanted a pool table and had this brief to build something but I knew I couldn’t convince anyone that I had anywhere to put the such a large piece of furniture. To partially solve this the product description was expanded so that the table could be readily converted into a usable dining or work table.

The finished table is solid English oak (which arrived in pieces so large they still had bark on both sides), vulcanised rubber bumpers with a high grade felt surface and a chrome plated steel kick bar to brace to two large legs. The planning of this project was of upmost importance as the entire piece had to be designed and constructed by myself over a period of roughly six weeks, often staying behind after hours to perfect and finish the multitude of parts and joints to ensure each stage provided a solid foundation for the next.

6ft Pool Table

In native form the table can be used for Pool or Snooker, with 6 string pockets.

Fast Conversion

Three simple wooden pieces can be slotted securely into place to transform between the two states.


Four Person Dining Table

Once in place, the thin top section lets users legs to fit comfortably beneath. Creating a roomy 4 person table.